Thursday, February 14, 2019

Auto Tint Houston TX

Leaving something in your car is supposed to be safe, right? No one should be able to see inside your vehicle or take anything unless they break in. The only reason someone would break in to your vehicle is if they see something worth stealing. Not everyone is cautious enough to get the tint their car needs to keep everything inside his or her vehicle safe. Your best option is to add a tint to your vehicle that will keep everything inside your vehicle hidden and safer than if it were visible to all.

There are many different shades of tints, from light to dark. You can pick any shade that fits the color and type of your car. There is no need to compromise your vehicles’s appearance for safety. When picking your shade of tint, you are able to keep items in your vehicle safe, and make your vehicle look good. However, this isn’t all that adding tint to your vehicle does.

In Texas heat, it gets extremely annoying and difficult to sit in your vehicle and wait for it to cool down before you can even touch the steering wheel or seatbelt. You have probably been burned by the metal part of your seatbelt because of the intense heat that your vehicle attracts. A great way to avoid this is to add darker tint to your vehicle. The tint allows less heat to pass through your vehicle and keeps it much cooler during intense summer heat. You may not be able to control summer heat, but at least this way you’re able to control the environment inside your vehicle.

Adding a tint will make your vehicle safer, cooler, and more appealing to the eye, and keep everything inside your vehicle private. No longer will you have to worry about leaving valuable items inside your vehicle or sitting inside your vehicle during a hot summer day. However, you want someone to add tint that will make sure your tint last as long as possible and is installed on your windows properly. Contact the best tinters Car Audio Zone at (281) 530-8287 for the most appealing and effective window tint on your car.  

Happy Long Drives.

Family road trips have increased recently, specially with lowering and affordable gas prices. When compared to buying multiple round trip plane tickets, putting the family in the car and going on a road trip seems like the better option. Maintaining your children’s needs and wants, getting directions, and entertaining your family on these road trips can quickly become a distraction and a hassle. However, these hassles can be conquered by installing a car navigation system and TVs with DVD players.
You may be wondering how these two things can decrease your hassles, but trust me, they will!
For starters, having a car navigation system will stop you from having to continuously look at your phone for directions, saving you the worry of hitting the car in front of you because your attention wasn’t on the road. Also, the directions will be on your speakers, making it easier for you to hear everything. Beyond the obvious reasons for getting a navigation inserted in your car, there is one more major reason for you to get car navigation: bathroom stops. You may think that you can see these signs before the exit, but the question then turns to how to get to the location after you exit. When your child needs to use the restroom it is crucial for you to find the quickest way to the closest restroom. This is when the navigation comes in handy and saves you time while looking for any pit stops.
TVs with DVD players installed in your car might seem like an unnecessary investment, but when you’re on the road you will be thankful you invested in them. Technology brought with you will quickly run out of battery, lose Wi-Fi connection, or lag. When on a road trip, these factors mean so much more because it also means that your family has lost their source of entertainment until they can fix the problem. On the other hand, with installed TVs with DVD players, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems. You can just play a movie and the only factor you have to worry about is changing the DVD once it is over. This provides continuous entertainment for you and your family.
With these two solutions you can decrease your hassles to practically nothing, at least inside your car. If you’re getting ready to go on a road trip, or even travel a lot with people, these are the best investments you can make in your car! Contact Car Audio Zone Houston, TX for buying and installing these products call for an appointment!

Monday, October 15, 2018

A brief history of Car Audio Zone

Car Audio Zone has been serving the Greater Houston Area for the last 15 years it is a one stop Shop for Auto Entertainment and Auto Security with product lines that have an established name and quality

We are located in a very convenient easy to reach location from anywhere in the greater Houston area.

Car Audio Zone’s operations are governed by an understanding that a customer’s needs are understood properly and a solution is provided accordingly. Our very experienced and professional staff world class products and a desire to provide a perfect solution at a competitive price and provide after sale support is what sets us apart from our competition.

We are one of the very few car audio stores that have a Repair person and also offer onsite Installation services.

Car Audio Zone has a broad range of Services and product that it offers in the City of Houston these include Car Stereos, Car Alarms, Car Window Tint, GPS Tracking, Sound Dampening, Car Speakers, Amplifiers, Woofers, Woofer Boxes and more.

Our clients include City of Houston, Multiple trucking companies and many more, our retail clients make up most of our business we are also a proud member of the BBB

With your support we intend to keep serving the greater Houston area and in the future all of Texas for years to come

Auto Tint Houston TX

Leaving something in your car is supposed to be safe, right? No one should be able to see inside your vehicle or take anything unless they...